San Francisco's 20 Sided Records, run by David Mitchell, issued our debut vinyl LP, Sweater Weather.

Seattle's Victoria Holt shot the cover photo during a rare break from photographing touring bands and musicians.

Portland's Erika Elizabeth did all the lettering, and also hosts acclaimed punk radio show Expressway To Yr Skull!

Videographer Kirsten Aubrey, who filmed us recording in the studio, runs Sweet Currant Productions out of Vancouver.

Nik Nerburn, formerly of Olympia, now of Oakland, directed the "Baking Brad" clip. He makes great D.I.Y. films - watch them here.

Scotty "Audio" Tipton engineered our 2011 demo, Go Poetry! An Olympia native, he now works out of Los Angeles as a sound mixer.

Evan Coffey, currently of Portland, Maine, is the brains behind Electro Audio Destructors custom effects pedals - one of which Mike uses.

Portland, Oregon's Joshua James and Olympia's Chask'e Lindgren co-run Antiquated Future, a record and zine distro that sells our music online.