Erika Frederickson, Missoula Independent

"Sweater Weather has updated, perfected and gilded intertwining, riff/metallic-punctuated underground instrumental music — post-rock to math-metal and beyond — and made it more human than any band has since this stuff was invented in the ‘80s. These songs are flat-out beautiful. I am recommending Sweater Weather harder than I have recommended an album in ages... my #1 album of 2014." —Andrew Earles, Still Single

"Olympia transplants Chung Antique have quietly developed their meticulously performed, densely interwoven post-rock textures since forming in 2009 at The Evergreen State College. Relocating to Seattle in 2011, the three-piece has crafted something wholly expansive — certainly loud, but also complex and orchestral, appealing to fans of post-rock, math rock, and post-hardcore. Sweater Weather, their new LP on 20 Sided Records, culminates their bouncy, cyclical structures and sweeping emotionalism into its most polished and realized form yet." —The Stranger

“Chung Antique is guitar rock for rainy days and winter evenings... seriously excellent math rock that aims to mellow, rather than alarm. With sharp drums, thick, mega-technical bass and warm, fuzz-coated guitars, Sweater Weather is audiophile-quality perfection. The beautiful strength in Chung Antique’s prog-influenced structures comes from self-control and moderation... they never threaten to make tired or obvious choices, and for a band with no lyrics, that’s rare to see.” —Discorder

"In a popular-musical landscape that celebrates excess and lyrical explorations of power and wealth, a three-piece instrumental band can almost seem like an anachronism. Because of this, Chung Antique feel more sincere and original than a glut of other groups active today. Sweater Weather doesn’t have any dance tracks, reverb-heavy surf tones, or anything that would place it in a current trend. The band is more to a generation of fans who are still looking for bands like Unwound to retake the cultural conversation." —SSG Music

"Chung Antique pit two genres together and find an appealing middle ground. Post-rock, a usually instrumental genre that once was brainy and inventive, long ago melted into sentimentality with nonstop anthems and crescendos. Math rock, meanwhile, can be so complex that’s it’s joyless and asexual. This three-piece digs into elements of both, emerging with music that leaves the 'rock' in both genres. 'Room with a Door' has an appealingly funky base that they push through rhythm and variations without overdoing the complexity or riffage. Even when it shifts into the bridge, they don’t oversell the uplift." —Missoulian

"Seattle's Chung Antique makes math-fueled instrumental post-rock that's as fun as it is complex. On Sweater Weather, they have honed their sound into six finely tuned epics that travel from dreamy ocean waves to jumpy angular riffing and back again. Through all their smart, intricate weaving, they never take themselves too seriously. Their music maintains a sense of play throughout, even at its most serious moments." —Portland Mercury

"Whether utilizing negative space to emphasize the gorgeous guitar harmonics on 'Baking Brad'; gentle, Appleseed Cast-esque ruminations on 'Former Farmer'; or delicate synthetic accompaniment on the zenith of what is hands down their most beautiful song to date, 'Bagel Blue Eyes,' Sweater Weather finds Chung Antique opening up their range considerably. The band's self-proclaimed quest is to find 'the perfect balance of math and melody' and this record finds them hitting the nail square on the head." —No Goddamn Dancing

“Chung Antique is impressively adept at their craft for a band releasing their first LP. A product of the new post-grunge, second-wave, math rock scenes currently flourishing in the Pacific Northwest, Chung Antique floats between genres, managing a complexity without being overly complicated, and maintaining a nice pop approachability. The geometries of riffs intersperse, with painterly guitars and deep, mathy bass accompanied by precise, elegant drumming with jazz-styled cuts, punctuations and fluid swells. The cyclical nature of these songs will leave you humming for days.” —White Light

"Chung Antique’s new record, Sweater Weather, flits between contemplatively cloudy post-rock and angular, bass-centric groove-outs with ease, at times resembling Do Make Say Think and other like-minded instrumental rockers. For a band as young as Chung Antique to make an album this polished and technically deft is quite the feat." —The Stranger

"Sounds like Chung Antique have taken a chill pill, the mathy jitters of Go Poetry! reined in and allowed time to stop, take stock and enjoy the scenery. The instrumental Faraquetisms are still intact and the band haven't wholly lost their peppy edge, but there's been a widening of scope and the addition of a few FX pedals along which both suggest growth and a desire to reach out beyond their own familiar territory. A pleasant slice of instru-indie made for bubbling chirpily away while you whip up something in the kitchen or read a good book on a sunny day." —Collective Zine U.K.

"Sweater Weather maintains a lighthearted nature throughout... but there are many awesome sections and buildups... and the musicianship is great. The drums and guitar are very tight and synchronized, and flow well together. It’s a solid record... a good sign for this Seattle band." —

"Chung Antique is an instrumental three-piece... super skilled, with an incredible natural feel for tension and vibe. They're easy to peg as math rock, but the push-and-pull with melody makes it more interesting. It was pure magic watching Whitney drum. We’re talking top-shelf drumming... open style. What’s fascinating is the duality of the complex drumming while making it look so effortless. You can tell she is completely comfortable behind the kit. In the world of dude drummers, you get thrown into how-hard-can-I-hit-the-drums as a technique, and it was completely refreshing seeing someone play at that level." —Effects Bay

"Chung Antique, from Seattle, played even-tempered math rock... with loping, elliptical riffs, and jazzy drumming... and closed their set with more energy than they started with. The gently swaying crowd took things up a notch and formed a conga line, seeing the band off." —Discorder

"It's not easy to find good instrumental music, [as] it's easier to hit an emotive target when it's quite literally spelled out for the listener. When an artist is able to connect — to write songs whose arrangements stand strong without any crutches — it's a marvelous thing. Chung Antique is one of those bands. After following up their early demos and singles with 2011's Go Poetry!, they've remained quiet for the last year... however, their Live at the Blue House EP, posted on Bandcamp, [is] wonderful. With regard to their sound, they've tagged this release 'progressive,' 'instrumental' and 'punk,' and I think that's pretty fair. I also hear some math rock, post-rock and post-hardcore influences." —No Goddamn Dancing

"So I just saw this band at Artbank for the Hermetic release show. Seriously, this band, Chung Antique... listen to them, and if you get the chance, go see them live. A three-piece progressive punk band... such a highlight of the night. They are from Seattle, so if you live in the Pacific Northwest, try and see where they might be playing." —Open Envelope Collection

"It's not often that I'm blown away at a show, but Chung Antique's out-of-left-field performance blew me out of the water... furiously catchy instrumentals held together by metronome-tight drum fills and amazingly groovy math rock riffs. By the time their last jam finished, there wasn't a head in the cramped room that wasn't moving and headbanging in time to the rhythm. I couldn't get the grin from this performance off my face for the rest of the weekend." —Discorder

"Chung Antique plays complicated instrumental rock, sounding like a larger band by using changing distortion patterns and rhythms; the guitarist changes several times between highly distorted and clean sections and the transitions and complex rhythms are very tight, with all of the instruments reflecting them. Some of the more extreme dynamics towards the end were impressive, well-written and even better performed. I enjoyed Chung Antique — apparently they're local, so I'll have to keep an eye out for them. They don't even have microphones set up — they're purely instrumental." —Virtual Sound NW

"Seven tracks of intricate, jittery math rock here from this instrumental three-piece, their sound hinging on the kind of fluttering guitar parts and bobbing basslines that bring the likes of Faraquet or Antlers to mind. Chung Antique, though, has something more nervy and caffeinated going on, refusing to rest too long in one place. While there's room for things to be ironed out and tidied up, it's nevertheless hard not to like, partly because the tunes are smart, dextrous and well-played, but more so since the band seems baffled enough by their own achievements that they never appear too pleased with themselves." —Collective Zine U.K.

"Pleasant, stressful instrumental mathy dichotomies from the six square blocks of Olympia. Crazy rhythms, aesthetically and realistically, jumpstarted with a Turbo Rat pedal... far enough away from the Midwestern dude-centric hotbeds where this music was raised, if not necessarily born, to add a positive spin on it, with lots of bright, poppier sounds... and to our eternal appreciation, they can play." —Still Single

"Mathy, instrumental post-punk out of Olympia. Melodic, jangly, and easy to get lost in." —Ms. Valerie Park Distro