Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather 12" LP/CD
2014, six songs, 20 Sided Records, in print

Artesian Swell/Norse Code 7

Artesian Swell/Norse Code 7" EP
2016, two songs, Electricity & Lust Records, in print

Tour EP

Tour EP CS
2014, three songs, Cooking Wounds, in print

Go Poetry CD

Go Poetry CS

Go Poetry! CD/CS
2011, seven songs, self-released, CD out of print, CS in print

Self-titled CD-R

Chung Antique CD-R
2009, three songs, self-released, out of print

These Strange Days

These Strange Days CD
2013, 20 Sided Records, in print

Better Days Ahead

Better Days Ahead 2xCD
2011, 20 Sided Records, out of print